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    Murder The Mountains

  • Artist

    Red Fang


Red Fang - Wires

Kid, don’t lose your cool it’s still too soon to have to choose a brighter doom.
It’s hard to believe but I can see how there could be so little left to lose.
Momma’s not okay, she lights a candle for every day that you’re away
Today could be the one she burns the mother fucker down, the final act of grace
In a pointless endless race

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    My Demon Brother

  • Album

    Living with the Ancients

  • Artist

    Blood Ceremony


Night of the devils has arrived
My calling you should come as no surprise
I summon thee my demon, Lord of the Flies
With this commandment: thou shalt rise!

Dreaming demon, open your eyes
We humbly ask of you your presence this night
We call your name and offer sacrifice
Chanting forbidden hymns in black magic rites

Unholy demon, my demon brother!
Won’t you see what we have to offer?

From Blood Ceremony’s second LP, Living with the Ancients.

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